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Found Network is a new tech startup based in Charlottetown, PE. We are building better, more connected communities that provide peace-of-mind to those who need it.

Years ago, you used to see Block Parent and Neighbourhood watch signs; however, with busy schedules those are no longer very common.

Now, thanks to Found, there is still a way to help your neighbours and community by playing a small role in building a fully connected community that makes it possible for parents of young children and those dealing with special needs, to be able to confirm their child’s location easily, affordably and in real-time.

Our innovative technology

  • Wander-Alert: Get notified the if your loved one wanders away from home! With the support of the community network get real-time updates of their location.
  • Waterproof: Durable, waterproof tags for wherever life takes you.
  • 12-Month Battery: Found works when you need it. Simply replace the battery on the first day of school each year.
  • Getting Closer: Play hot-n-cold in the app to get close and use the buzzer to locate even small objects!

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Autism Society of PEI

Executive Director

“Found is going to create a greater peace-of-mind for Island families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder. It takes a village to raise a child and with the supports of Islanders, this tool will give a sense of security to parents while reducing some of the extra stressors that comes with being a parent of a child with exceptional needs.”

Join the Found Network and a portion of a portion of all subscription revenue will go directly to support the Autism Society of PEI!

Be a FREE Host

You can help your community by hosting a FREE Locator in your home or office. The Locator needs to be plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi, after that, it acts a modern block parent and could provide a crucial location update to the parent of a child who needs it most. For the pilot, they are only available in our pilot zone; however, we plan to expand to the rest of the city at a later date, so sign-up to let us know you want to help when the network is available in your neighbourhood.  

RESERVE your Starter Kit!

Sign-up to join the Found Network! Receive one Locator and one Tag so you can help your community and enjoy the peace-of-mind of being notified if your loved one wanders away from your property. As coverage grows, see their location in real-time in your neighbourhood and city!

Spread the word!

The strength and effectiveness of the Found Network grows as you share it with members of your community. Let others know how they can play a big role in offering big peace-of-mind to those in need, with a small amount of effort.

See our pilot area

For the pilot demonstration we installed 60 Locators around a small area of Charlottetown.

Want to install Found in your home and get notified if your loved one wanders off the property?  And you will also be helping your community by creating network coverage that could provide a critical update to someone else if their loved one is lost in your area.

Contact us to reserve your spot for our next available units once the next shipment is ready.

Contact us at or visit

Frequently asked questions about Found

What size is the tag?

The tag is 44mm diameter X 10.5mm.

What are the most common uses for Found?

Found is initially being used to provide parents peace-of-mind that they can easily, conveniently, affordably and in real-time locate their child anywhere in our covered areas. Found will allow parents to instantly confirm their child has arrived at school, home or a friend’s house, easily from anywhere on their smart phone. Found offers simple, daily, peace-of-mind.

Is this good for children who walk to and from school?

Found is a simple, convenient way to easily confirm your child’s location. This offers peace-of-mind to virtually all parents but even more to parents with children touched by Autism Spectrum disorder. Children with Autism are at higher risk of wandering – this could be from school, home or a friend’s house. During these times the child may also become disoriented making it all the more important for parents to be able to quickly locate them, should this ever occur. With the help of the community we can build a wide, reliable network that offers parents the peace-of-mind that they can find and help that child in need. As a member of the network or as a free host, you may provide that critical location update to the parent of a vulnerable child, in a moment of need.